Monday, February 1, 2010

Impressionist Workshop

Monday mornings are great for reflecting on your life, the upcoming week,  and decide what magical impressionist paintings that I am going to create this week.  It’s a new beginning!  And now it’s February!
I just taught a workshop this weekend with ten women that all want to learn some of my impressionist techniques for creating paintings -- which, of course, then reminds me what I do when I am painting -- it’s fascinating to see all of the different paintings that were created this weekend.  We had a beautiful model in one of my vintage dresses pose for us -- she sat so still for a long time -- I was amazed.  We had twenty yellow roses to compliment the setting and I will do a small painting of them today! I was so inspired to paint all weekend.   As an instructor, I get to paint on each one of the canvases while showing the student how to create the magic of color on a canvas.
I am so grateful to all of the women who came to the workshop to learn my painting techniques and now I am excited and stimulated to get back to my easel and see what I can do!
Let’s see what happens!

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