Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Impressionist Heaven on Earth

Art is a common ground -- it speaks a universal language.  Take a moment and appreciate something that connects us all -- it is the beauty of being alive -- this is Art!
Art is an adventure and an exciting journey to take.  
There’s a place where we all long to go --
A place that puts a smile on your face and love in your heart. 
A place where peace and tranquility abound....
Joy and laughter are in the air.
You just have to stop and take a breath... and
Recognize -- this is heaven!
And smile!
This is what we are all longing for -- it is right here in front of us!
And the more you find it, the more it is there..
It envelopes you into its arms and,
it wraps the flow of low around you.
We have each found own own heaven here on earth -- 
many times.
It is when we stop to recognize the specialness of our moments that
                          we find -- Our Heaven!
                     And art helps us all find that special place.

                                                         Wishing us all special moments!

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