Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Art Is Everywhere!

Do you have a tattoo?  It seems that a great number of people like them and have them -- some we can see, and some we don’t!  That’s art!  There is so much creativity in doing tattoos -- and on skin --  OUCH!  Yet, they have become a part of our culture.  I do not have any tattoos -- my art goes on canvases -- and yet, I can appreciate the beauty of the art!  The art does move and change as the bodies do!
Our world is filled with great art -- it’s all around us!  It’s no longer just in museums.
Take a few minutes today and look around you -- there is art!  And, appreciate it -- it will make you smile, make you think, and perhaps, inspire you!
Here’s to art everywhere!
12 x 12 Oil on Board
The Weatherburn Gallery

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Challenge yourself today!

Challenge yourself today to try something new -- drive a new way to work -- try a new sport, do a pastel or watercolor -- or use a new brush and different paints -- challenge yourself to grow and to find that part of you that loves to learn something new -- that is how we grow -- that is how we get better at whatever we are doing!
Each day brings us a new beginning -- make yours memorable!
I am going to paint something new today!
"Beach Time"
9 x 12 Oil on Board
Just Sold this painting at Gallery 1000, Carmel CA

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Camp in the real World

I attended a child’s birthday party over the weekend -- it is  always makes me smile to see what young children do for fun!  I love to be in that moment and let my own child come out and play.  Can you believe they still do the “limbo” ???
One of the little girls was telling me about her summer camp and how much she loved being at the camp -- one of the reasons that she loved it so much was ... as she stated ... everyone is so nice -- and they are “nice” to one another -- and, they have fun “praying” !   Why isn’t “camp” the real world where everyone is nice and we have fun praying!!!
I returned home to my studio with a smile on my face and my child was ready to paint and play!

"Special Times"
30 x 40 Oil on Board

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Creative Capabilities

If you believe that you are creative -- you are!  It’s your own attitudes and beliefs more than any other factor that let your creative spirit soar!    Music is a great catalyst in letting go and stirring up joy and happiness.
When you are in the flow, your inner critic is silenced and your true self soars!  Who ever decided that our world needs so many critics anyway?
Before I walk into the studio to paint, I sparkle up by spraying my favorite cologne, Cashmere Mist and I put on lipstick and then I stretch and call upon my higher self to take over and give 300% of me into my art.  I turn off the phone and create a space of joy and happiness in my studio.  No Negativity is allowed!  
You can talk to yourself by saying some affirmations that are loving to you --
“I now remove all limitations I have placed on myself -- I am a creative person.  Everything I do stimulates my creativity -- it flows!  I am a creative genius -- and smile!”
And when I am in that spirit of flow -- my paintings smile right back at me.
Are you smiling?  Isn't that a great word?  SMILE!!!

"Red Sailboat"
8 x 10 Oil on Canvas
This painting just Sold at the Hearle Gallery 
in Chatham, MA in one week!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Loving what you do!

Art isn’t about the materials that you use, it’s the heart behind the materials.
Art can be made from anything with the right feeling -- love.  Somewhere there is that magic in all of us -- 
When you love what you do, somehow, magically, the money appears! 
Are you having Fun?
"Best Friends"
40 x 30
Oil on Canvas

Friday, August 13, 2010

Rewinding those moments

God I love my DVR!  Thank you!  Isn’t it incredible to stop -- pause -- rewind and even playback what you are watching!
And wouldn’t it be grand to rewind, pause  and take a second look and then decide what to do?  Hindsight is so much better than 20/20 vision.
The designers on Project Runway inspire me!  They are challenged -- truly challenged -- and in front of millions of people -- to dig deep and find that creativity that let’s their genius soar!  And, if you have ever watched this show, the ones that just “let it rip” -- they are the ones that shine on that show and the ones that get into their “head” -- well, they can be “OUT”!
They are judged by professional judges and by the world that is watching them -- WOW -- as artists, we don’t have that pressure right on top of us -- yet, our end results, our paintings and sculptures are out there to be “judged” -- and when you are painting from your heart -- there is no judge -- just YOU.
And aren’t we are own judges???

So, if we could rewind some of our "painting moments" -- let's choose the best ones!
Happy Friday the 13th -- this is a magical day for all of us!  Who knows what magic will happen today!

"Love" Giclee on Canvas
12 x 16

This is my newest giclee being offered in a small limited edition series.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My New Best Friend

I want Jet Li to be my new best friend!
He is so amazing!  Can you imagine having him around all of the time -- protecting you, showing off his many moves?  He makes it look so easy!  He has integrity and his word is his Honor!  You know that you can count on him.
He has spent his life perfecting his moves, his mind, his innermost thoughts and isn’t that what life is all about?  And with art, we spend our lives perfecting our “moves” on the canvas or sculpture!  And then it looks so easy!!!  
The paintings that are painted from all of the practice and innermost beliefs are the ones that we came here to paint!  The ones from our innermost beings!  
As small as Jet Li is in stature -- he is a giant in the world of martial arts!  He has given back to the world -- he started The One Foundation in China and he continually gives back to the world through his many causes.  
As artists, we can give back to the world by making it a better place with our art and our gifts of creativity.  We can find our own way to greatest each day as we paint.
12 x 12 Oil on Board

Friday, August 6, 2010


Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals!  The basics of life, the basic of everything!  Practicing fundamentals every day brings us to mastering whatever we are doing.
In art, the basic fundamentals are drawing, learning color and the basic techniques of how to create dimension in your painting!   Every painting is a new challenge and each new painting brings us to the next painting -- and how many times do you think, wait till I paint the next one?
We are always learning and growing -- that is life -- without growing and doing new things, we stagnate and so does our art.
Practicing the basics keeps our art strong and give  us the courage to be adventurous and paint with a new boldness and power!
Happy Friday!
"Red Sailboat"
8 x 10 Oil on Board

Monday, August 2, 2010

Discovering Pluots

I am so adventurous -- I just had my first  Pluot!!!
It’s Delicious!
You may ask -- what is a pluot?  Well, great minds can come up with great new ideas - isn’t that how our world works?  It’s a plum and an apricot mixed together -- do not know the logistics on this one -- I do like the results!  They have been around for two years and I am trying new things these days.
As in art -- stretching your mind to find new ideas and new techniques keeps our universe growing and keeps us growing.  There will always be the “art scientists” who open the doors to discovering new ways of expressing ourselves.
Here’s to finding your own Pluots!
Happy Painting!
This is a new painting at The Wright Gallery in Cape Porpose, Maine.  I love being on the beach with mothers and babies as you get to capture moments of pure joy!
"Beach Time"
24 x 20 Oil on Canvas