Thursday, February 25, 2010

Impressionist Skiers

The Olympic skiers could barely see the slopes as they raced down the mountain -- the fog and snow were thick and yet their spirits were high!  Their physical endurance is admirable and their team spirit is engaging!
I think we all need a little “Spring” today -- as the winter weather roars on across the country, I am reminded of the times I have spent on the beaches!  The warm sunlight always puts a smile on my face!
Artists keep their spirits going with the knowledge that the beauty they are creating brings joy and happiness to the people who own them!
As the snow falls, remember -- we are all snowflakes -- different and beautiful -- each in our own way.
Wishing us all days of sunshine and laughter!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Impressionist American Skaters

Olympics again -- this time the womens’ skating has begun and WOW!  All of the women had skated without the dreaded “fall” and each one had their personal best -- it was so amazing to watch each one put their passion and elegance on the ice and skate a routine that wowed the audience.  The sixteen-year old American skater, Miral Nagasu was the first to skate -- this young American skater has the most graceful lines and spins -- it was her first time ever to be in the Olympics and she came out and performed like a champion!  In my opinion, she was the best on the ice -- she is presently in sixth place!
She opened the door for the rest of the women to skate their best!  And they did!  The night went on with each skater giving their best performances and the scores were great -- this competition is something to watch!  And even though our skaters are young, The Americans are in fifth and sixth place and we have a chance for a medal!  And both of our women are teenagers --isn’t that impressive!  Their impressionistic routines were incredible to watch!
Paintings are born from passion -- life is born from passion -- passion is what keeps us going in life.
Here’s to a day filled with passion!

When was the last time you went skating?????????

"A Quiet Place" -- available in giclee.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Impressionist Skaters

The Olympics are once again inspiring me to paint with passion.  The flips and turns of the Ski Jumpers is so amazing -- how they do those flips and turns is astounding -- I know that I would not even be able to do a jump -- remember I am on the environmental “Green” slopes.
And then the Ice Dancing pairs are so graceful and they skate in “sync” with one another to music -- each note a part of their routine.  We gained another medal in this event with the pair of Meryl Davis and Charlie White skating to Andrea Boccelli!  They are impressionist skaters.

 I have painted so many beautiful paintings to his music that resonate a special magic!  Music is such an inspiration in all parts of our lives -- it can make us smile and dance and remember wonderful moments in our lives.
Who invented skates?  Skis?   I wonder if they ever thought that their invention would turn into Olympic events?
And paint brushes -- who invented those?  And isn’t it amazing what one can do with a paint brush!
Artists spend years learning the techniques of art and then creating their own “look” to their art -- their inspiration and their passion is in our hearts and the expression of life is what we are creating.  
As we celebrate the Olympics, let’s celebrate all of the American Artists who create beauty for all of us to see.  This is the time to buy American Art!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Impressionist Olympics

The weekend was filled with skating, skiing, shooting, jumping, hockey and the United States is the leader in the medals being won at the Olympics -- yeah!  I am proud to be an American and live in a country where freedom exists and a country where we all aim to be our best!
It’s a great week to achieve your own goals and to discover the Olympian in you -- Individually we are amazing -- together -- we are unstoppable!
Cheers to the smiles we give one another --
 cheers to the generosity that you share with others this week, 
and cheers to the sweet kindness that you give to strangers --
 It’s a great week for giving!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Impressionist Gold

Cheers to the United States for winning the Gold in Men’s Skating -- It has been over twenty years since we have won a medal in that event.  Evan Lysacek did an amazing performance -- he gave it his all -- 300%  I am so happy for him that all of his hard work over the years has given him the Olympic Gold -- His Dream!  He stood on the ice and smiled from deep in his heart -- a smile that said “I Did It!”
We all have dreams and when we focus on achieving those dreams, they do come true.  The years of painting and learning new techniques has helped me to achieve my dream of being an impressionistic artist.  Art is a silent occupation -- perfomed in a studio with only the cat watching me paint.  At the end of the day, when I gaze at my accomplishments, I can smile that winning smile too, as I know that I have created the Gold in painting.
I wish us all a Gold Medal Day every day in all that we do!
"Garden Magic"  9 x 12  Oil on Board

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Impressionist Skiers

As the United States wins a record number of Gold in the Vancouver Olympics, I am painting with the same passion.  I absolutely know that there is no way I would have ever skied down those hills -- not in one piece!  In fact, my skiing days were most spent on the “green” (and that does not mean environmental green) slopes.  I marvel at these women who have the courage to race down these mountains -- and the snow looks like pure ice.  As I watched several of them really take huge falls at the last jump, my heart went out to them -- that had to hurt in so many ways.
Today, I salute the women skiers and the winner of the Gold Medal for Alpine skiing, Lindsey Vonn -- who pushed through severe pain to come back to the Olympics and win her Gold Medal -- the first time ever that the United States has won a Gold for this event!
Think of Lindsey and all the other women today and remember their courage and passion and let that same passion be in everything you do today.  
Make your day a “Gold” Day -- a day that you gave your best in everything that you do -- Smile that smile of a winner -- we are all winners in life.
Have a beautiful day!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Impressionist Medals

Once again The Olympics have taken over my studio -- the Mens’ Skating was so emotional and powerful and these amazing athletes came to Vancouver to Skate!  As each man took the ice, the crowd waited with great anticipation to see the routines that they have worked on for four years to win the Gold!  The music brought you into the moment as we watched the triple jumps and the amazing footwork and the choreography that is so precise and beautiful.
Of course, I was rooting for the Americans -- I am an American.  The crowd just loved Evan Lysacek -- who is now in Second Place after the short program -- he had the crowd with him and it was the most magnificent program!  He skated with such passion and from his heart -- all of those years of practice and he just skated -- and it was unbelievable.  The tears of joy that he had on his face after his program showed it all -- He came to Vancouver to Skate -- to show the world what he has to offer -- isn’t that so amazing?  He is an impressionist skater!
And, Johnny Weir, another American Skater, who is now in Sixth Place, once again showed us how talented and graceful he is on the ice.  He is a showman who has learned to “sell himself” on the ice and truly a crowd pleaser.  In Life, Johnny is a fashion “guru” in real life and he has Heart!
As I watched all of the men skate -- some fell -- which truly hurts my heart!  I keep telling them on the television -- “make the jump” and send them positive energy -- some of them did not hear me.  I am not pleased that the announcers tell us the “weak points” of the skaters instead of just telling us the “great skates” that they do.  I am all for positive energy!  These skaters have spent their lives perfectly skating and I think we all owe them positive energy.
And, as I paint today in my studio -- I am going for the Gold -- putting that same passion in my art is what I am all about!
Today, smile, as your life is your “Gold Medal” -- by living your life with passion!  And discover your "Joy"!  And let's all celebrate how beautiful our world is!

    "Joy", 28 x 28, Oil on Linen

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Impressionist Skating

The Olympic pair skaters are so amazing -- they are so graceful and powerful at the same time -- watching them skate to music truly inspires me!  The Chinese pair skaters were so elegant and beautiful together -- they have been training together for a long time (eighteen years) and are now married -- she couldn’t contain her joy with smile when she made those amazing jumps -- it was pure joy to watch.
They won the Gold!  They came out of retirement to skate for the Gold and that is exactly what they did -- the crowd was behind them, they even slept in dormitory rooms (although married) just to have the opportunity to skate for the fourth time in the Olympics!
I was in awe of all of the skaters and saddened when they fall during their routine -- especially when they really can do those jumps.  As an artist, no one knows how many times I have worked on a painting, or wiped it out and started over, or how long it took me to get the painting to be magical -- the world does not see me fall on my butt -- and thank goodness for that!
The Olympic athletes spend years practicing and practicing to be the best and as artists, it is the same passion that drives us to paint and bring our work to the world.  And that same feeling is what a painting filled with joy is all about!  A State of Happiness -- the best place to be.   I love Happy Endings!  As I finish a painting, that is indeed my aspiration. 
The smiles on the skaters as they completed each routine is truly heart warming -- that smile is on my face as I complete each new painting!
What is your passion?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Impressionist Passion

I am so inspired!  I have been engrossed in the Olympics and blown away by the fortitude and stamina, the confidence and the passion to be the best!  And people are cheering and smiling and you can lose a medal by two seconds!  The preparation and years of training make these athletes so special --  I am in awe!
As I sit here in my studio, without the crowds cheering, and knowing that I actually won’t fall down and break my “crown” as I paint -- I am inspired to give the same level of passion to my paintings -- my gold medal is a painting that I love -- a painting that was painted with that same passion.   Great art comes from years of preparation and training and with that same feeling of joy!  It’s the love of the sport and the love of Art that inspires us all!
The United States won its first medal in the Nordic Combined -- first medal ever -- the silver went to Johnny Spillane with a race that was so close -- I was cheering and yelling at the television set to push him on -- You could see the determination on his face as he pushed and pushed and skied with all of his heart!  I was in awe of his stamina and determination.  
And so today, I paint in honor of the athletes that dedicate their lives to being the best!
And what inspires you?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Impressionist Days

A State of Happiness -- the best place to be.   I love Happy Endings!  As I finish a painting, that is indeed my aspiration. 
The pleasures of life are all around us -- everywhere we look we see art!  I see paintings in  everyday life -- the  snow covered streets, children sledding, couples walking in the rain, night life in the city, a mother reading to her children, a woman sipping a glass of wine and as simple as a bouquet of flowers.  As an artist, I have the privilege of painting our everyday lives  and making it memorable and magical.
Life should be lived as each day is another happy ending!

      "Happy Days" 12 x 12  Oil on Board

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Impressionist Artist

When did you first get hit by the “Painting Bug”?   You know, that urge to paint -- to be a painter -- to stay up all night and Paint!  The Passion to Paint!  It calls your heart to create  -- you forget to eat, to dress and time knows no boundaries.  You just can’t wait to get to the easel and Create!
Each new painting opens the door to that magic land where you sink into the canvas with your heart and let the painting sing its own song with your colors.   You are having so much Fun!   And all those years of starving and doing without don’t seem to matter -- because -- you get to be a painter.  
You will paint anything to survive --dogs, dead dogs, windows and even houses -- just to paint and make some money and all the time dreaming of making great art!
And then you make it!  It’s wonderful and life is grand!  Selling your art brings confidence to you as a painter.  It’s magical and so much more fun when you know that your work is in great demand!  You try new techniques, new ideas and bigger brushes -- yes, you are painting from your heart.
I know why “Vincent” painted every day --- because he needed to -- because he knew in his heart that he was a painter!
We all have magnificence in us!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Impressionist Heaven on Earth

Art is a common ground -- it speaks a universal language.  Take a moment and appreciate something that connects us all -- it is the beauty of being alive -- this is Art!
Art is an adventure and an exciting journey to take.  
There’s a place where we all long to go --
A place that puts a smile on your face and love in your heart. 
A place where peace and tranquility abound....
Joy and laughter are in the air.
You just have to stop and take a breath... and
Recognize -- this is heaven!
And smile!
This is what we are all longing for -- it is right here in front of us!
And the more you find it, the more it is there..
It envelopes you into its arms and,
it wraps the flow of low around you.
We have each found own own heaven here on earth -- 
many times.
It is when we stop to recognize the specialness of our moments that
                          we find -- Our Heaven!
                     And art helps us all find that special place.

                                                         Wishing us all special moments!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Impressionist Snowstorms

Another storm is approaching and more snow!  I would love to be snowed in for a few days with a fire and a great book and playing games with my family.  It’s a time to relax and enjoy the storm as you stay cozy inside -- especially before you have to go outside and shovel that snow!  There is a silence that a snowstorm brings -- a quiet that touches deep inside you -- I love watching the snow fall and finding the world bathed in its white blanket.
As for me, I am here in Phoenix with no snow -- so I thought that I would post a painting that reminds us of sunny days and warm beaches !  
Wishing you safe travels and warm nights!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Impressionist Moments

It’s a magical Monday where the sun shines all the time and smiles are on everyone’s faces!
The pleasures of life are the small ones that come to us every day -- the laughter of a child, a smile from a stranger, the person opening the door for you, tender hugs from your children, and a simple phone call from a friend.   The simple words “thank you”  can bring so much “Joy” to everyone.
Capturing the simple pleasures of life on canvas is a what art is all about -- reminding us to take a few minutes and revel in the beauty of our world.
This little impressionistic painting entitled, “Tenderness”,  captures that special moment when a mother and baby are together sharing love.
Smiles bring more smiles!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Impressionist Love

The “child” in me yearns to come out and play -- every day!  I am amazed at the sparkle in those “childlike” eyes that sees the world with loving eyes.  Our world is filled with beauty,  and when we all use our “loving eyes” we see that artistry in every day happenings.  And that is what I paint!
I see elegance in the petals of yellow roses and ballet dancers.  The tender passion of a mother holding her baby beckons my paint brushes -- and that feeling of love is captured on the canvas.
Take a few minutes today and find beauty in everything and everyone around you and see how quickly you smile!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Impressionist World

Creating paintings that bring joy and happiness to others is a privilege, and I know that I am blessed!
As our world heals, I paint in my studio and create colorful canvases that remind us of life’s beautiful moments.  Art is a common ground for all of us and it speaks a universal language -- one that we can all understand.  We can appreciate the art of a Japanese painter as well as an artist from Russia and even more so here in the United States.   Each canvas has its own song to sing and beckons the viewer to hear that song!
Take a few moments today and notice all of the art that surrounds us -- the billboards on the freeways, the posters in the windows, sculptures, ceramics, and the paintings that grace the walls of so many businesses and homes.  Where would we be without art???
And when you do look around, you will see Art in just about everything -- and then you will see the beauty of being alive -- this is art!
Whatever happens is a positive!

This painting is entitled "Garden Magic", 9 x 12 and has been shown in five national exhibitions this year!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Impressionist Snow

Snow, Snow, Snow and more snow -- it seems that this is the year for snow on the East Coast -- I love snow!  And, snow is fun to paint!  I am sure that shoveling snow isn’t always fun, yet I can remember how much I loved sledding, snow ball fights, making a snowman and walking in the snow.  As a child it was so magical to watch the snow come down as I sat in my cozy bedroom -- and I loved it when the whistle blew telling us that school had been cancelled!  Yeah!
It is a rare occasion to have snow here in Phoenix, so I have to travel to be in this white beauty -- and of course, Maine has plenty to share!
Painting snow is fun and intriguing -- it has so many beautiful blues and violets and yellows (well, the color yellow) in the snow and creating that on a canvas brings out the child in me.  For those of you on the East Coast, see the beauty in the winter snow and remember that we are all “snowflakes” -- different and wonderful -- each in our unique way.
I did this painting several years ago while staying at my gallery’s cottage in Cape Porpoise, Maine.  I can remember sinking into the snow up to my hips and laughing and falling and freezing -- the best part was enjoying how children love to play in the snow, and so, once again, my child came out to play.
And, oh, how wonderful it felt to go indoors and warm up.
Wishing you days of sunshine and roaring fires to keep you warm. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Impressionist Colors

A passion for art is in each one of us -- the desire to create is deep within our souls -- whether it be paintings, sculpture, photographs, music, dancing, welding, computer programs -- the list can go on and on.
Finding our own passion is what our lives are about -- the penchant to free that “art spirit” in ourselves is an amazing process.  I wake up each day with the urge to create and I know that I am blessed to be an artist.
Art is an adventure and an exciting journey to take.  Each painting opens a new door -- learning new colors and new techniques keeps me growing as an artist, and I love each step along the way.  Life is too short to paint “wispy” paintings!  It’s time for boldness and courage in our world and the same with our art!
Take a leap today and see where it takes you.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Impressionist Workshop

Monday mornings are great for reflecting on your life, the upcoming week,  and decide what magical impressionist paintings that I am going to create this week.  It’s a new beginning!  And now it’s February!
I just taught a workshop this weekend with ten women that all want to learn some of my impressionist techniques for creating paintings -- which, of course, then reminds me what I do when I am painting -- it’s fascinating to see all of the different paintings that were created this weekend.  We had a beautiful model in one of my vintage dresses pose for us -- she sat so still for a long time -- I was amazed.  We had twenty yellow roses to compliment the setting and I will do a small painting of them today! I was so inspired to paint all weekend.   As an instructor, I get to paint on each one of the canvases while showing the student how to create the magic of color on a canvas.
I am so grateful to all of the women who came to the workshop to learn my painting techniques and now I am excited and stimulated to get back to my easel and see what I can do!
Let’s see what happens!