Sunday, September 13, 2015

By The Sea

One of my life's greatest pleasures is to create paintings that bring "joy" to the people who see my work.  My painting, "By The Sea" was purchased by a collector from California.  Here is what she wrote after she received her painting:

"Your painting BY THE SEA has arrived from the Wright Gallery.    It is impossible  to  describe how absolutely beautiful it is.  It was gorgeous on the internet but it is stunning seeing it right in front of me!!!!!!!!!!!  You are incredibly talented., your play of light and the emotions showed are just incredible.  I am so very happy I purchased it.  The girl’s expression is so very pensive and the light on the parasol  and her hair is so delicate.  I could go on and on .  She is together with a few other paintings I love but she is the “BELLE OF THE BALL”,  the ocean is so vibrant yet the figure is so gentle and delicate, just love it.  Keep up the great works and you are making so many people happy just admiring them and how lucky if one can own one.  Thank you!

I so enjoy my walks on the beach at sunset especially  and think if ever  I am deprived  of  them I will have your painting to remind me of natures beauty  for you have captured it so well."

 Her email truly touched my heart and made me smile.  This is the reason that I paint! And, this is what painting is all about!

"By The Sea"
24 x 20, Oil on Linen