Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Impressionist Colors

A passion for art is in each one of us -- the desire to create is deep within our souls -- whether it be paintings, sculpture, photographs, music, dancing, welding, computer programs -- the list can go on and on.
Finding our own passion is what our lives are about -- the penchant to free that “art spirit” in ourselves is an amazing process.  I wake up each day with the urge to create and I know that I am blessed to be an artist.
Art is an adventure and an exciting journey to take.  Each painting opens a new door -- learning new colors and new techniques keeps me growing as an artist, and I love each step along the way.  Life is too short to paint “wispy” paintings!  It’s time for boldness and courage in our world and the same with our art!
Take a leap today and see where it takes you.

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