Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Impressionist Skaters

The Olympics are once again inspiring me to paint with passion.  The flips and turns of the Ski Jumpers is so amazing -- how they do those flips and turns is astounding -- I know that I would not even be able to do a jump -- remember I am on the environmental “Green” slopes.
And then the Ice Dancing pairs are so graceful and they skate in “sync” with one another to music -- each note a part of their routine.  We gained another medal in this event with the pair of Meryl Davis and Charlie White skating to Andrea Boccelli!  They are impressionist skaters.

 I have painted so many beautiful paintings to his music that resonate a special magic!  Music is such an inspiration in all parts of our lives -- it can make us smile and dance and remember wonderful moments in our lives.
Who invented skates?  Skis?   I wonder if they ever thought that their invention would turn into Olympic events?
And paint brushes -- who invented those?  And isn’t it amazing what one can do with a paint brush!
Artists spend years learning the techniques of art and then creating their own “look” to their art -- their inspiration and their passion is in our hearts and the expression of life is what we are creating.  
As we celebrate the Olympics, let’s celebrate all of the American Artists who create beauty for all of us to see.  This is the time to buy American Art!

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