Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Impressionist Medals

Once again The Olympics have taken over my studio -- the Mens’ Skating was so emotional and powerful and these amazing athletes came to Vancouver to Skate!  As each man took the ice, the crowd waited with great anticipation to see the routines that they have worked on for four years to win the Gold!  The music brought you into the moment as we watched the triple jumps and the amazing footwork and the choreography that is so precise and beautiful.
Of course, I was rooting for the Americans -- I am an American.  The crowd just loved Evan Lysacek -- who is now in Second Place after the short program -- he had the crowd with him and it was the most magnificent program!  He skated with such passion and from his heart -- all of those years of practice and he just skated -- and it was unbelievable.  The tears of joy that he had on his face after his program showed it all -- He came to Vancouver to Skate -- to show the world what he has to offer -- isn’t that so amazing?  He is an impressionist skater!
And, Johnny Weir, another American Skater, who is now in Sixth Place, once again showed us how talented and graceful he is on the ice.  He is a showman who has learned to “sell himself” on the ice and truly a crowd pleaser.  In Life, Johnny is a fashion “guru” in real life and he has Heart!
As I watched all of the men skate -- some fell -- which truly hurts my heart!  I keep telling them on the television -- “make the jump” and send them positive energy -- some of them did not hear me.  I am not pleased that the announcers tell us the “weak points” of the skaters instead of just telling us the “great skates” that they do.  I am all for positive energy!  These skaters have spent their lives perfectly skating and I think we all owe them positive energy.
And, as I paint today in my studio -- I am going for the Gold -- putting that same passion in my art is what I am all about!
Today, smile, as your life is your “Gold Medal” -- by living your life with passion!  And discover your "Joy"!  And let's all celebrate how beautiful our world is!

    "Joy", 28 x 28, Oil on Linen

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