Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finding Joy Again

I am sitting at the beach -- it is my solace -- listening to the crashing of the waves brings peace to my soul -- I can feel myself calming down and taking a break -- a break we all need to take from our lives and from ourselves -- a break to rejuvenate and find our inner “joy” again!
Art is supposed to be FUN -- and when we are not feeling the “Joy” -- well, perhaps then it is time to take a break and remember why we are Artists.  Doing something new, using a new paint, a new paintbrush -- it’s all about rediscovering the reason why we create and bringing that inner child back to the studio to have some FUN!
That seems easy to say, and yet, often times, not so easy to do -- The rigors of the business of art lately can be overwhelming and even devastating to our creative self.  I know from personal experience that I lost my “joy” and I am here finding it again.  I will do whatever it takes because without that “joy” my paintings do not sing that song I want you to hear!
When I walk into my studio to create, I leave everything that isn’t joyful behind.  I sparkle up and give 300% to my next creation -- I hope you do too!
I am off to paint some sunflowers today by the beach!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Special Message

As Americans we know the value of giving.  We support one another and we are always helping other countries -- I am so proud to be an American.
Recently I created Limited Edition Note Cards to help our soldiers returning home.  After the disaster in Japan, and my personal relationship with my Japanese collectors, I knew that I wanted to help -- even in my own small way.  The note cards are my way of contributing to the people of Japan in the best way that I know how.  We are all affected by the losses that they are experiencing.
Art has always been a part of our world  -- Art heals!  
The Japanese people love children and flowers and that is why I chose this painting, "The Little Flower Girl".  They taught me why I paint -- "to bring joy and happiness to this world with my art" -- what a special gift to receive while I was in Nagano -- it has stayed with me throughout the years!
Our world is changing and in this fast paced world, perhaps it is time to bring back the personal touches that we all crave.  Long before phones and computers, emails and texting,  hand-written cards were our way of communicating our thoughts and wishes.   A personal note to someone with a message of love and gratitude can bring so much joy!  Remember how you smiled the last time you received a card in the mail?  they make great gifts and are suitable for framing!
And for a limited time, I am giving away three free notecards with the purchase of two sets.  They also make great Easter Cards.  Send a little joy, and help raise money for the people of Japan. 
This is a very special way to contribute.  
I am deeply grateful to all of you for being a part of my life.
Diane Leonard

Here is the link to this unique offer: