Monday, February 15, 2010

Impressionist Passion

I am so inspired!  I have been engrossed in the Olympics and blown away by the fortitude and stamina, the confidence and the passion to be the best!  And people are cheering and smiling and you can lose a medal by two seconds!  The preparation and years of training make these athletes so special --  I am in awe!
As I sit here in my studio, without the crowds cheering, and knowing that I actually won’t fall down and break my “crown” as I paint -- I am inspired to give the same level of passion to my paintings -- my gold medal is a painting that I love -- a painting that was painted with that same passion.   Great art comes from years of preparation and training and with that same feeling of joy!  It’s the love of the sport and the love of Art that inspires us all!
The United States won its first medal in the Nordic Combined -- first medal ever -- the silver went to Johnny Spillane with a race that was so close -- I was cheering and yelling at the television set to push him on -- You could see the determination on his face as he pushed and pushed and skied with all of his heart!  I was in awe of his stamina and determination.  
And so today, I paint in honor of the athletes that dedicate their lives to being the best!
And what inspires you?

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