Thursday, February 11, 2010

Impressionist Artist

When did you first get hit by the “Painting Bug”?   You know, that urge to paint -- to be a painter -- to stay up all night and Paint!  The Passion to Paint!  It calls your heart to create  -- you forget to eat, to dress and time knows no boundaries.  You just can’t wait to get to the easel and Create!
Each new painting opens the door to that magic land where you sink into the canvas with your heart and let the painting sing its own song with your colors.   You are having so much Fun!   And all those years of starving and doing without don’t seem to matter -- because -- you get to be a painter.  
You will paint anything to survive --dogs, dead dogs, windows and even houses -- just to paint and make some money and all the time dreaming of making great art!
And then you make it!  It’s wonderful and life is grand!  Selling your art brings confidence to you as a painter.  It’s magical and so much more fun when you know that your work is in great demand!  You try new techniques, new ideas and bigger brushes -- yes, you are painting from your heart.
I know why “Vincent” painted every day --- because he needed to -- because he knew in his heart that he was a painter!
We all have magnificence in us!

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  1. Thank you for being such an inspiration! May I ask: What is on your palette?