Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Thin Thread

Sometimes it's just a thread that holds all things together -- a thin, tiny line that connects us to each other and holds all things right.

That tiny thread is what has kept my art together through the past few years.  Finding my soul in my painting, once again, has brought me the peace I have been seeking.

There is a maturity in my new art that I needed to find.  It has been a challenging experience, and I can now happily say -- I am back!  I have no idea where I have been, and yet, here I am, painting anew.

And, with that, I can happily say, I am blogging, once again.

Here is a new painting that I did after a very special photo shoot in Crystal River, Florida.  These two sisters had never posed before, and I found them to be so sweet and charming.  They loved looking for the sea treasures among the rocks.  The sun sets on the West Coast of Florida, and I love the color and the light!

Thank you for joining me on this new adventure!

"Tide Pools"  20 x 20, Oil on Linen
at the TH Brennen Fine Art Gallery
Scottsdale, Arizona

Sunday, September 13, 2015

By The Sea

One of my life's greatest pleasures is to create paintings that bring "joy" to the people who see my work.  My painting, "By The Sea" was purchased by a collector from California.  Here is what she wrote after she received her painting:

"Your painting BY THE SEA has arrived from the Wright Gallery.    It is impossible  to  describe how absolutely beautiful it is.  It was gorgeous on the internet but it is stunning seeing it right in front of me!!!!!!!!!!!  You are incredibly talented., your play of light and the emotions showed are just incredible.  I am so very happy I purchased it.  The girl’s expression is so very pensive and the light on the parasol  and her hair is so delicate.  I could go on and on .  She is together with a few other paintings I love but she is the “BELLE OF THE BALL”,  the ocean is so vibrant yet the figure is so gentle and delicate, just love it.  Keep up the great works and you are making so many people happy just admiring them and how lucky if one can own one.  Thank you!

I so enjoy my walks on the beach at sunset especially  and think if ever  I am deprived  of  them I will have your painting to remind me of natures beauty  for you have captured it so well."

 Her email truly touched my heart and made me smile.  This is the reason that I paint! And, this is what painting is all about!

"By The Sea"
24 x 20, Oil on Linen

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Love

Here is a little painting that I donated to be part of the Silent Auction for NVNA and Hospice, here in Norwell, Mass.

The 15th Annual Charity Golf Tournament will Benefit NVNA and Hospice.  The event will be held at Indian Pond Country Club in Kingston, MA.  Following the Golf Tournament, there will be a dinner with Live and Silent Auction.

To order tickets or for more information, please contact Linda Brown at 781-610-1463  or email her at!

Thank you for taking a peek!


"Summer Love"
7 x 5 Oil on Ampersand Board

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Marketing you work can be fun and enticing to get people to notice you.  There are so many avenues via the internet, and I must say, some of them work.  

I recently submitted two of my favorite paintings to a cover competition for Art & Beyond, a magazine that is published monthly via the internet.  And although, my two paintings, which have been shown all over the world and have received prizes did not win the cover, they did give me a full page in this month’s magazine.

If you have a moment, please check it out.  My work is on Page 23, and I must say they did  a great job with the color and the presentation.

You never know what will happen when you try something new.  And, getting noticed and appreciated for your artwork -- well, as we all know, it feels great!

Please let me know what you think.

Thank you,


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Painting With Love

“When you are in awe of someone else's greatness, you are really seeing your own greatness.”  Debbie Ford

The greatest gifts that we have are the ones that we give from our heart and soul.  

I painted this special painting as a surprise present for a woman’s special birthday.  Her husband loves and cherishes her so very much and wanted to give her a present filled with love.   I was delighted to be in the surprise and changed the Golden Retriever to a Golden Doodle -- which up until this time, I did not even know these dogs existed.  Now it seems that I see them everywhere!

He was so excited that he decided to give her the gift when he received the painting, instead of at her party which would be two days later.   She came home to a beautiful painting hanging in her dining room and I immediately received a phone call telling me of their delight!  And, she saw herself and her dog in the painting, and that was my intention while doing this painting.

And to me, that is what painting is all about -- bringing joy and love to the people who collect my art!

"A Summer Walk" 24 x 24
Oil on Parisian Linen

Monday, April 22, 2013


The innocence of childhood and kittens brings me so much Joy!  Our world could use more Joy every day!

I remember this day very well -- we borrowed the kittens and little Fifi told me that she didn't want to hold them -- and guess what -- she couldn't let them go!

Watch a child play .... they are in the moment .... without a care in the world .... a place where we all should be.  In the moment, experiencing Joy!

What a concept ... try it today and let me know how you are doing!


"Two Little Kittens"
12 x 12 Oil on Canvas

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Friday, April 12, 2013


I was reminded yesterday of a beautiful little painting that I did several years ago.  The simplicity of the painting and the flow of the strokes showed the joy that I put into the painting.

I sat at my computer and enjoyed my own painting -- once again!  As I looked at it I wondered how I ever painted such a little beauty so simply and yet filled with so much emotion and power.  My first thought was WOW!  How did I do that?  Why don’t I paint like that every day?????

Then I thought of how many times I have struggled with my work -- agonizing over my strokes -- re-working it, adding doubt and truly not enjoying the process.  And, so, there it was -- a simple beauty staring at me.

And there it is -- it’s simple --just paint from your heart, knowing that the love and joy of God is in every stroke!

Have fun painting today and every day, and please let me know how you are doing.

12 x 9
Oil on Board