Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Thin Thread

Sometimes it's just a thread that holds all things together -- a thin, tiny line that connects us to each other and holds all things right.

That tiny thread is what has kept my art together through the past few years.  Finding my soul in my painting, once again, has brought me the peace I have been seeking.

There is a maturity in my new art that I needed to find.  It has been a challenging experience, and I can now happily say -- I am back!  I have no idea where I have been, and yet, here I am, painting anew.

And, with that, I can happily say, I am blogging, once again.

Here is a new painting that I did after a very special photo shoot in Crystal River, Florida.  These two sisters had never posed before, and I found them to be so sweet and charming.  They loved looking for the sea treasures among the rocks.  The sun sets on the West Coast of Florida, and I love the color and the light!

Thank you for joining me on this new adventure!

"Tide Pools"  20 x 20, Oil on Linen
at the TH Brennen Fine Art Gallery
Scottsdale, Arizona