Thursday, February 18, 2010

Impressionist Skiers

As the United States wins a record number of Gold in the Vancouver Olympics, I am painting with the same passion.  I absolutely know that there is no way I would have ever skied down those hills -- not in one piece!  In fact, my skiing days were most spent on the “green” (and that does not mean environmental green) slopes.  I marvel at these women who have the courage to race down these mountains -- and the snow looks like pure ice.  As I watched several of them really take huge falls at the last jump, my heart went out to them -- that had to hurt in so many ways.
Today, I salute the women skiers and the winner of the Gold Medal for Alpine skiing, Lindsey Vonn -- who pushed through severe pain to come back to the Olympics and win her Gold Medal -- the first time ever that the United States has won a Gold for this event!
Think of Lindsey and all the other women today and remember their courage and passion and let that same passion be in everything you do today.  
Make your day a “Gold” Day -- a day that you gave your best in everything that you do -- Smile that smile of a winner -- we are all winners in life.
Have a beautiful day!

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