Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Impressionist Skating

The Olympic pair skaters are so amazing -- they are so graceful and powerful at the same time -- watching them skate to music truly inspires me!  The Chinese pair skaters were so elegant and beautiful together -- they have been training together for a long time (eighteen years) and are now married -- she couldn’t contain her joy with smile when she made those amazing jumps -- it was pure joy to watch.
They won the Gold!  They came out of retirement to skate for the Gold and that is exactly what they did -- the crowd was behind them, they even slept in dormitory rooms (although married) just to have the opportunity to skate for the fourth time in the Olympics!
I was in awe of all of the skaters and saddened when they fall during their routine -- especially when they really can do those jumps.  As an artist, no one knows how many times I have worked on a painting, or wiped it out and started over, or how long it took me to get the painting to be magical -- the world does not see me fall on my butt -- and thank goodness for that!
The Olympic athletes spend years practicing and practicing to be the best and as artists, it is the same passion that drives us to paint and bring our work to the world.  And that same feeling is what a painting filled with joy is all about!  A State of Happiness -- the best place to be.   I love Happy Endings!  As I finish a painting, that is indeed my aspiration. 
The smiles on the skaters as they completed each routine is truly heart warming -- that smile is on my face as I complete each new painting!
What is your passion?

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