Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Living A Magnificent Life

Life has so many precious moments -- do we recognize them?  Certainly the disaster in Japan has affected each one of us in different ways, and has made us reflect on how life can change in an instant.
I believe that each one of us has a life that matters and a message for our world -- whether that is through art, writing, dancing, singing, designing, healing, science -- it’s all art.  If you asked these questions (taken from the book, “The Millionaire Messenger” by Brendon Burchard -- a true seeker in life) every day,  instead of waiting until the end of your life, it would remind you to live your LIFE and do what you came here to do -- the questions are:  Did I live?  Did I love?  Did I matter?
What magnificent and important questions these are!  Our world is changing and the expressions of ourselves -- let’s call it Art -- are what we are here to share.  In his book, Brendon shares his amazing insights into how we can get our message out to the world and be the “experts” in our fields.  His message of giving your talents to help others is very profound and it is what has set him apart from so many other “self-help gurus”.  He says, “I believe you are here because deep within you, there has been a restless stirring to share your voice with the world in a big way”.  His book is well worth reading and will guide you to learn more about where our world of “information” is taking us.
As artists, we have to find new ways of getting our art out to the world, and certainly the internet is the biggest avenue these days.  
I have printed Limited Edition note cards to help raise money (in a small way) for the people of Japan, and for our military.  It is also my way of sharing a part of my message to the world -- we are all here to serve one another, learning from one another and give our best to the world.
Thank you for being a part of my world.  Please share this blog with everyone you know and let’s all live that magnificent life we are meant to live.
                      "Little Flower Girl"  20 x 16 Oil on Board
                                                                                     Original is Available
                                                                      Available in Limited Edition Note Cards

If you are interested in purchasing some of the Note Cards, they come in packages of Five.  Twenty-Five percent from the sale of these cards will go to the people of Japan through the American Red Cross.  

 please click here:

If you would like more information on purchasing the original, please contact me at:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Helping Japan

The devastation in Japan has touched all of our hearts.  My heart just hurts so much for the people of Japan -- I think of these beautiful and fun-loving people who are cold and hungry and homeless and who have lost their loved ones, and I hurt. 
My time in Nagano so many years ago was like a movie, and it was one of the best experiences of my life.  The Japanese taught me why I paint -- to bring joy and happiness to the world with my art -- I remember being in their homes and listening to them speak Japanese and somehow I understood them -- art is a universal language that can touch all of us.  They told me that when they were cold in the winter, my paintings would make them smile and bring them joy.
And to help in my small way, I have just released a limited edition note card to help raise funds to heal the country of Japan.
They love children and they love flowers, so this is why I chose the painting, "The Little Flower Girl".  This painting was shown in five U.S. Shows and won Second Place in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana Fine Art Show. this is original oil is available for sale!  If you are interested, please contact me at my email address -- and a large portion of that sale will go to Japan!
So, in my own small way, I want to contribute! 
I will appreciate anything that you will do to help.   
Here is the link to the notecards:
If you would kindly forward this blog on to your friends, it would be greatly appreciated.
With loving gratitude,
Diane Leonard
"Little Flower Girl"
20 x 16
Oil on Board

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Friday!

"Daddy's Home" - Notecards
Support our Military!  Wear Red on Fridays!
Spring is almost here and the weather in Phoenix is just beautiful!  I wish us all days of sunshine and laughter.
For over a year, I have been working on a series of paintings to honor our military.  The series is entitled, "Coming Home" and captures that special moment of a soldier returning home from duty overseas to his or her family.
"Daddy's Home" is the first original oil study in the series.  This painting was shown in five major U.S. exhibitions and has been Sold.  I am pleased and honored to offer this painting in a limited edition note card.  A percentage of the profits from the sales of this card will be donated to help Disabled American Veterans find their way back "home".  To learn more about the series and find out how to purchase these cards, please click here:
The painting, (shown below) "My Daddy's Love", 12 x 12, Oil on board, is presently available for purchase.  If you are interested, please contact me directly.   
I am proud to be an American -- we help so many nations in their time of need -- Now, it's time to honor and aid our soldiers who have served our country.
This is the first time that I am offering my work in limited edition note cards, and I am honored to be able to contribute to our military.  The note cards make great gifts, or you can get them to write to our soldiers overseas and use them for every day cards.
If you are interested in getting a large quantity of cards, please contact me - I would love to help.
Thank you for your support, and thank you for being in my life.
Diane Leonard
"My Daddy's Love"
12 x 12 Oil on Board

Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Monday!

I am a dreamer and I like that part of me -- it keeps me thinking of sweet days and happy times.  
When we look for our blessings and what gifts we have, we create more of them!  It’s the glass half full theory and it’s a good theory.  Sometimes during a painting you can focus on what isn’t working instead of what is working -- that’s when it is a good time to take a break, walk away, stretch, get a glass of water and return to your work with loving eyes and see what beauty is already there -- and then start over from there.
On this beautiful Monday, it is a great day to dream big dreams and count your many blessings!
Have a great week filled with smiles and love.
"Party Lanterns"
18 x 14 Oil on Board