Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The Holiday Season is so magical -- I sat in awe as I watched the little “magical miracles” unfold - each one brought a smile to my face.  It truly is the season of Joy!  My wish is that every day brings that Joy to each one of us.
I have just returned from my Christmas in Boston and we were snowed in -- there was over a foot of snow on the ground!   Watching the snow storm is fun -- just as long as you are in a warm place with lots of food supplies and heat!  When you see all the that snow falling,  and realize that no two snowflakes are alike -- well, it’s almost unbelievable.  And yet, it’s true -- there are trillions of snowflakes and each one is unique!!!!
And that is what we are -- Unique!  Like snowflakes, we each have our own gifts to give to this world.   That is why Art is so special!  We put our own distinctive touches to each canvas -- and that is what makes our art our individual statement to the world.
Learning from one another is how we grow, and finding our uniqueness is finding our  Bliss!  So, no matter where you are in your art, please remember that you are a snowflake and that your gifts are so very precious!
Wishing us all the Joy of Painting!  
"Snow Geese"  12 x 12 Oil on Canvas
This is an older painting of my son feeding the geese - I love painting snow!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Finding Your Joy!

Sometimes our creative energies take a break -- so to speak -- when I mean is - it feels as if they have left!  Gone!  Disappeared!  And that is when the Joy, the Fun and the Passion for painting quits too.
It becomes a chore -- instead of the magic and the Fun -- I mean, isn’t this why we paint, sculpt, sing, dance -- to have fun and be creative and to like what we are doing?  
How can you paint that feeling of joy when it just isn’t there?
And, that’s when the universe steps in to guide us to help us find our Inner Joy again!
Long story shortened -- here ------I lost my joy and couldn’t seem to find it -- I crawled into the Chakra Store (herb shop) here in Phoenix and the woman introduced me to these special organic Flower Elixirs made here in Phoenix by Katie Hess -- I have used flower elixirs before -- yet never like these .... they are amazing!  Flower essences heal us naturally by healing our souls -- and that is the pureness of the flowers.  I walked out of the store with their hand-made tea called Inspired  and the “Joy” flower elixir -- which I opened right away and put the drops on my tongue.
And - guess what happened -- the Joy I was seeking found me again -- and I walked into my studio and painted.
I went back to the store the next day and bought two more of her amazing elixirs, and will tell you more about them in an another blog.  She hand picks all of the flowers that she uses and she instinctively knows which ones are the best. 
You can order on-line and find out more about Katie’s products by going to
I am so grateful to have my JOY back again!

I painted this painting a while ago, yet I still smile when I look at it.
"Joy"  30 x 30 Oil on Board


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Magical Arms

I watched a movie special on people who were born without arms -- without arms?  can you even think of yourself without arms?  How would you survive -- let alone paint? Brush your teeth???? And other things we do that we take for granted?
The movie is incredible -- each one of these inspiring people find a way to deal with their lives and discover their own talents -- one of them plays the drums, a young woman flies an airplane -- they are doing amazing things with their lives -- 
And, each one of them has found JOY!
Sooooooooo -- when you start to question YOU -- and what you are doing and thinking of what is missing --stop and remember --  you do have your arms.
And let’s see what incredible magic we can create with them!
Here is a magical painting that I did with my arms -- when I look at this painting, I smile -- and then I think -- why don’t I paint like this all of the time????
Smile and the world smiles back.

                                                          "Spring's Magic"  12 x 9  Oil on Board

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Time

There are memories of our childhood that stay with us forever when we think of Christmas and it’s magic.   I think that the fantasies of Christmas should live in our hearts all year long -- the joy, the gifts, the family parties, and the giving -- whether it’s gifts or just time being together -- it’s Christmas -- again.
My childhood Christmases were always filled with wonder and the sparkle of the season -- including the snow.  I love the candles in the window and the Christmas lights and the smells of the Christmas tree that fills the house with joy!
This painting is a reminder of days from our childhood when snow was fun to play in and we didn’t truly feel the cold!
This painting is available in a fine art giclee from the Wright Gallery in Cape Porpoise, Maine.

"Christmas Time"
20 x 16 Oil on Board


Friday, December 10, 2010

Fantastic Friday

It’s Fantastic Friday where life smiles at us and wishes us joy!
Today is a great day to paint for yourself -- with no thoughts of sales or pleasing others -- just painting to paint!  
When Beethoven went deaf, he could still hear his music in his soul -- and he wrote those amazing symphonies that we still listen to.... all of these years later!  Imagine that -- the world still listens to his music -- symphonies play his music -- aspiring musicians learn to play his music -- and his symphonies are beautiful and captivating. They resonate in our souls.
And, that is what I wish for us today-- creating art that resonates in our souls.
Have a Fantastic Friday!
"Summer Sails"
24 x 24 Oil on Canvas
This painting Sold yesterday at
The Wright Gallery, Cape Porpoise, Maine


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Music in our Hearts!

The music of Buddy Holly touches my heart and I love to listen to his songs as I paint.  He was only here for such a short time and yet his impact on our world with his music is still here -- isn’t that incredible!
Paintings, as we all know, last forever -- and isn’t it wonderful to know that what we put on canvas can touch peoples lives forever!
With that in mind -- paint with your heart and soul and let your creative energies soar!

"Beach Time"
24 x 20, Oil on Canvas
The Wright Gallery
This painting has been selected by the Chamber of Commerce 
in Cape Porpoise, Maine for their 2011 catalog!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Determination is what drives us -- the desire to create our dreams and have our dreams reach the world!  What a concept!
I watched the movie “Karate Kid” -- okay a redo -- again -- the story is great, and the acting by Jaden Smith is simply fantastic.  The hours of practice and work that this little boy (albiet the son of a great movie start) put into making this movie and learning the kung fu moves is amazing -- and his determination to “win” a competition is what drives this movie.  And, of course, Jackie Chan, makes it look so easy!!!!  It takes years to master kung fun -- how many years does it take to master painting -- a lifetime!!!!
And how many times do we reach a point in our creativity where we hit that “wall” and stop having fun and quit?  Is that an option?  The question we should then ask ourselves is -- “What am I saying with this painting? What is the purpose of this painting?  And, the most important question to ask is “Am I having FUN?????”
When you know the answer, you will know how to finish the painting.  And, sometimes, it is time to ask for help -- from another artist, a book, a friend -- it can be that you are growing and learning and your determination to get the painting the way that you want it -- it’s right there inside of you -- 
Here’s to determination and passion to create the best Art that we can! 

This is a painting I did over a year or so ago -- yet it still excites me -- and then I think -- how did I do that?  It looks like I was having Fun!
"A Glass of Cabernet"
7 x 5 Oil on Board


Monday, December 6, 2010

Miraculous Monday

It’s Miraculous Monday where anything can happen -- where miracles happen!
Have a fantastic week doing what you love and opening new doors to discover more of what you love to do -- stretch yourself -- jump -- take a leap -- be  bold -- be daring -- and live with absolute joy and love.
And by Friday -- the miracles will appear!

24 x 24 Oil on Board


Friday, December 3, 2010


President Obama is in Afghanistan today -- he is visiting a hospital and seeing the wounded  soldiers and giving out medals!  During his speech to the troups he spoke of several soldiers who have “won” the Medal of Honor -- you have to die for that honor!  He spoke about how they saved the lives of their fellow soldiers and their bravery -- Wow -- while we are here, they are over there fighting for their lives and our freedom!
Our heros -- every military person who defends this county is a Hero!  Each has their own story and they have loved ones here at home -- each one has made many sacrifices! 
We all have our own stories to tell -- is your’s filled with love and hope and inspiration?  I hope so.  
Here’s to Freedom and Peace in our World!
"Daddy's Home"
Now Available in Giclee
12 x 16 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing us all a day filled with love, laughter, great food, family and FUN!
My life is filled with so many blessings, and I want to thank you for appreciating my art and for being in my life.
Thanksgiving is a time to look at your life and be grateful for everything you have!
With gratitude,