Thursday, February 4, 2010

Impressionist World

Creating paintings that bring joy and happiness to others is a privilege, and I know that I am blessed!
As our world heals, I paint in my studio and create colorful canvases that remind us of life’s beautiful moments.  Art is a common ground for all of us and it speaks a universal language -- one that we can all understand.  We can appreciate the art of a Japanese painter as well as an artist from Russia and even more so here in the United States.   Each canvas has its own song to sing and beckons the viewer to hear that song!
Take a few moments today and notice all of the art that surrounds us -- the billboards on the freeways, the posters in the windows, sculptures, ceramics, and the paintings that grace the walls of so many businesses and homes.  Where would we be without art???
And when you do look around, you will see Art in just about everything -- and then you will see the beauty of being alive -- this is art!
Whatever happens is a positive!

This painting is entitled "Garden Magic", 9 x 12 and has been shown in five national exhibitions this year!

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