Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Impressionist Snow

Snow, Snow, Snow and more snow -- it seems that this is the year for snow on the East Coast -- I love snow!  And, snow is fun to paint!  I am sure that shoveling snow isn’t always fun, yet I can remember how much I loved sledding, snow ball fights, making a snowman and walking in the snow.  As a child it was so magical to watch the snow come down as I sat in my cozy bedroom -- and I loved it when the whistle blew telling us that school had been cancelled!  Yeah!
It is a rare occasion to have snow here in Phoenix, so I have to travel to be in this white beauty -- and of course, Maine has plenty to share!
Painting snow is fun and intriguing -- it has so many beautiful blues and violets and yellows (well, the color yellow) in the snow and creating that on a canvas brings out the child in me.  For those of you on the East Coast, see the beauty in the winter snow and remember that we are all “snowflakes” -- different and wonderful -- each in our unique way.
I did this painting several years ago while staying at my gallery’s cottage in Cape Porpoise, Maine.  I can remember sinking into the snow up to my hips and laughing and falling and freezing -- the best part was enjoying how children love to play in the snow, and so, once again, my child came out to play.
And, oh, how wonderful it felt to go indoors and warm up.
Wishing you days of sunshine and roaring fires to keep you warm. 

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