Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Impressionist American Skaters

Olympics again -- this time the womens’ skating has begun and WOW!  All of the women had skated without the dreaded “fall” and each one had their personal best -- it was so amazing to watch each one put their passion and elegance on the ice and skate a routine that wowed the audience.  The sixteen-year old American skater, Miral Nagasu was the first to skate -- this young American skater has the most graceful lines and spins -- it was her first time ever to be in the Olympics and she came out and performed like a champion!  In my opinion, she was the best on the ice -- she is presently in sixth place!
She opened the door for the rest of the women to skate their best!  And they did!  The night went on with each skater giving their best performances and the scores were great -- this competition is something to watch!  And even though our skaters are young, The Americans are in fifth and sixth place and we have a chance for a medal!  And both of our women are teenagers --isn’t that impressive!  Their impressionistic routines were incredible to watch!
Paintings are born from passion -- life is born from passion -- passion is what keeps us going in life.
Here’s to a day filled with passion!

When was the last time you went skating?????????

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