Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Impressionist Summers

During the times of a world crisis, we still need to be living our lives.  In my studio, it is painting joy and happiness to remind us of the times that make us smile.  Winter is a great time of year, yet summer has a special charm!  It’s a warmer time of year -- when we take vacations, sit on the beach, sit by the pool and relax, and enjoy a glass of wine outside.

And it is these memories that I paint in the winter to bring back those memories of festivities that warm our hearts.

I wish us all the joys of life as our world heals and the reminder that the love of families and friends is the greatest gift of all.  

There are so many great organizations to give your donations to to help, please choose the one that helps you feel great about giving!

And, this is a great time to buy American-made merchandise, including art!

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