Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Impressionist Moments

When it is cold and rainy and snowing, the memories of our times on the beach can light up our hearts.  That is why so many people collect art -- having beautiful paintings adorn your walls gives your eyes and your heart something to look at every day that makes you smile.

As an artist, I, too, need those smiles -- and that is why I paint -- to bring joy and happiness to the people who see my art.  And, when I walk into the studio and it is raining and cold, I sit and look at my photos and put myself right back on the beach and I am reminded of those moments that I spent on that beach!  I wait until I can feel the beach and the light -- and then I start to paint -- to music, of course!

Andrea Bocelli has been a favorite artist of mine to paint to -- his music is soothing and beautiful and calming -- just like the ocean!

Each painting is a unique reminder of times together that belong in a painting!

Who is your favorite musician?

1 comment:

  1. I just love this painting of the little baby with her toes in the water! I love your work... celebrating the moments in life. Moments I can surely relate to.