Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Impressionist Beaches

The days of the beach and sunshine are memories that we have since childhood --- days of fun and freedom and building castles in the sand.  How I long for these days!

My mother would always pack sandwiches and treats in a picnic basket and she would fill a large thermos (thingy)  with Kool Aid that just seemed to taste better at the beach.  I remember those magical days, I remember the feelings of joy and happiness that I felt all over the minute we got to our “beach”.

I still love the beach and I especially love photographing and being with people while they play on the beach -- you never know what will happen.  As the tide goes in and out and the sun warms us up, it is the cool water that beckons the sunbathers.  What is always so amazing is putting a baby’s foot in the water for the first time and to watch the delight on their faces as they watch the waves touch their little feet.  I entitled this painting "Happy Times" and that tells it all.

And, Oh, how much fun that is to paint!

I love the beach!  What is your favorite beach?

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