Monday, December 7, 2009

Painting A Winner

There are those”special paintings” that speak to us -- they are the ones that are painted from your heart!  You can feel it when you paint it -- the paint is flowing, the colors are singing and you are happy!!  

At the end of the painting day, we step back, smile, pour a glass of wine and look at our work for the day, knowing it was a special day.

And that is the case with the painting, “Little Flower Girl”.  My little model has the most enchanting face, and capturing that on my Ampersand Board was fun and reminded me of innocence -- and that is what I captured.

This painting has been shown in four national juried shows this past year and last night WON Second Place at the Louisiana River Road Show in Baton Rouge, Louisiana!  I was thrilled to receive the notice today, and of course delighted to get the recognition for this painting.  

It not only put a smile on my face, and some money in my pocket, it has given me the confidence and elation to paint today!

I wish us all the feeling of joy when painting.

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