Thursday, December 10, 2009

Painting Competitions

A great way to get more exposure for  your artwork more is to enter national juried shows.  There are so many of them throughout the United States!  And many of them have some great prizes!!

Remember when entering to follow the directions very carefully as they can be very specific.  And, make sure that you have good quality photos of your paintings -- good color, good resolution and that they are squared off properly.  Usually there is a size restriction for the photos to be entered.  Most of the shows have various categories:  oils, pastels, watercolor, acrylic and even drawing!  This way you can enter several times in the different categories which also gives you a better chance to be accepted.

Some shows even have a mini category which is fun as you can enter those little “studies” that you love.

Be confident in your work, and know that the judging panel is different every time, and one painting that will be accepted into one show, might not make it into another.

My painting, “Little Flower Girl”, 16 x 20 has been in five major U.S. juried shows and just won Second Place in a show in Louisiana.  The other painting, “Garden Magic”, 9 x 12 has also been in five major shows. 

You can find a lot of the shows on-line and listed in the art magazines.  Good luck, and please remember not to take it personal! 

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