Friday, December 11, 2009

Painting to See

Painting what you “See”.  Sometimes we get lost in painting and forget to really “See” what we are painting -- I like to spend time just looking at what I am about to paint before I start -- to “see” what I am painting and then visualize the painting before I start.

Every half hour I take a break, wash my hands, and walk back into the studio with a “fresh eye” and look at the painting.  If it works from the door at the studio, I leave it alone.  Then I can see where I need to go with the painting.

I also put my paintings on the floor in front of me while I am doing other things, and just look at them -- always with a loving eye -- to see the beauty of the painting.  By the time I am ready to finish the painting, I can paint it from memory -- and in this way, I am painting from my heart!

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