Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Painting Peace

Four Days to Christmas!  I am waking up with Peace in my heart!  
I recently finished the most beautiful painting of my life, “Peace”!  And, in order to paint this classic painting, I had to find the true feeling of Peace in my heart -- I must admit that sometimes it was a challenge, especially after listening to our worlds’ News!

The Golden Light of the lanterns glistens as the two women gracefully look for seashells on the beach as twilight beckons.  The Beach is my favorite place to find solace and comfort and recognize the incredible beauty of our world.

We have to believe that the serenity and peace that we find in life’s  small moments are meant to be felt every day of our lives.

I wish us all “Peace” in our hearts every day and especially now during this special season of Christmas!

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