Saturday, December 19, 2009

Painting Snow

Seven Days to Christmas and it’s looks like it will be a white Christmas in New England! Yeah!!!  Did you know that each snowflake is different -- isn’t that amazing -- especially when there are so many snowflakes falling -- like trillions!!!!

Christmas is -- a fireplace glowing, a beautiful Christmas tree, presents under the tree and a turkey in the oven -- and of course, the main ingredient -- family.  I will be going to Boston for Christmas and I am excited to be with my family  during this holiday season!

Painting snow is so much fun!  There are so many colors in that white stuff to paint -- there are blues, and yellows and of course, white.  This little girl and I were up in Maine in almost hip deep snow in some parts -- after her brother went inside to get warm, she and I continued down the path with her best friends.

I am looking forward to doing some more “winter wonderland” paintings and discovering the beauty of “Snow”, and perhaps having an old-fashioned snowball fight, and what about you?

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