Monday, May 3, 2010

Creative Painting

While on her TV Cooking  Show, Julia Childs attempted to flip a crepe and half of it landed on the stove -- she laughed it off and then said “I didn’t have the courage I needed the way I should have”... and then mumbled ...... “practice”!  Her joy in cooking didn’t let her stop trying new things -- even in front of a TV camera, including boning a duck!
When you are paintings,  you can run into some snarls -- some places where you are not sure how to get that “look” that you are after -- these are learning lessons.   For oil painters, it can be simply wiped out --  hence, I love the oils!  
The courage to see it through -- to go for that look you are after and not settle for anything less teaches you to grow as an artist.   How do you mix those greys to create the flow of water on the beach?   And, sometimes it is just better to start over and begin anew.   The more you paint the same series, the more confidence you get and then you are ready to  move on to the next series.  In life we are all growing and learning and it is so important to keep learning and trying new techniques and ideas so that you are challenged and your are pushing yourself to be your very BEST!
JUST PAINT! -- a friend of mine said that to me so very long ago -- Leonard -- Just Paint!
Who knows what magic will appear on that canvas -- have the courage to be who you are and to paint with total abandon.  And then, your painting might just be saying YUM!!!
And, by the way, Meryl Streep certainly deserves an Oscar for her performance as Julia Child -- she became her -- as always, she is an amazing actress!

"As The Sun Sets"  30 x 30  Oil on Canvas

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  1. Diane you have been a painting machine! They are all winners too. Wow, you're really on a roll. Don't stop!