Friday, May 21, 2010

Fantastic Friday

Fantastic Friday is here!  And here in Phoenix it is the last day of school and the children are in sheer delight!  Yeah!  Do you remember what the last day of school felt like -- you were free -- summer was here and you had all of these great plans!  You would jump out of bed with expectations of another “summer day”!
Here’s to Summer Days every day when we jump out of bed with delight and awe of what the day will bring!
"I Love Summer"  5 x 5  Oil on Board


  1. very nice Diane. Makes me wish for warmer weather. Is 45 today after snow yesterday and more forcast tonight and tomorrow.

  2. Hi Diane, Nice to meet you. My name is Róisín and Susan pointed me your way. Best of luck with your beautiful paintings

  3. Oh Diane, you continue to charm me! 5x5? I hope its a study for a very large piece. Its so wonderful, bright and fresh! I love the light you caught in the water.

    Your words as so gentle and inspiring... Summer vacation doesn't start for a few weeks here.