Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Tuesday are days that bring happiness all day long!  I am so grateful for the opportunity to be an artist and to create paintings that bring joy and happiness  -- it is indeed a privilege.
Thank you, everyone,for the opportunity to have this blog and to write about my work.  I am creating a new series this week and it is so exciting!

This is a painting from France -- there is a small town in Provence that I long to return to -- just walking down the streets is a painting!
"Streets of Cahors"
12 x 9, Oil on Board


  1. Hi Diane,
    Cahors se situe dans le sud-ouest, si vous souhaitez connaître la Provence je vous lance une invitation...
    Très belle toile...

  2. Yes you're right! Walking down those streets is a painting. I too did a series of France. It was hard to stop...

    Martine-Alison arrives tomorrow for her 3-week visit. I'll get my dose of French without leaving the country!

    Can't wait to see what else pops up next. This is lovely.