Friday, April 30, 2010

Learning The Basics

There is magnificence in all of us -- some of us are musicians, cooks, engineers, actors, doctors, scientists and some of us are artists -- In his book, "Double Your Income Doing What You Love", Raymond Aaron states: “we all have the capacity to be superstars”!  Finding what you love to do is what your life is all about -- and once you do discover that part of you -- that’s when the superstar inside us shines!!!!
If you have watched the movie “Julie and Julia” , you will see that Julia Childs didn’t know how to dice onions when she started taking lessons at Cordon Blue in Paris -- she had tried other avenues and then finally found cooking -- in fact, she wanted to cook so bad that in the scene where she practiced dicing onions and is standing in front of a mountain of diced onions -- she was determined to learn how to be a great “cook”!  And she went beyond her own expectations!
Art, like every endeavor, has many basic techniques to learn to create the magic on a canvas -- learning to see the values of light and color are basics that one must master.  You can learn more about painting techniques and impressionist techniques from my new videos coming out next month.  And once you have learned the basics, then you can create your own style.
Cooking is like painting -- you have to use your imagination.  And that is when you find yourself in your art!

"Summer" (study) 12 x 12 Oil on Board

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  1. Just love this. And I also LOVED "Julie & Julia". I will have to look into your videos - Where do you sell them?