Friday, May 14, 2010

Fantastic Friday

It’s Fantastic Friday!  Today is a day when magic happens -- right before the weekend!
I am working on my newest series and will be painting outside today in late afternoon light -- I am so blessed to have a beautiful back yard where the light comes streaming through the leaves and creates an atmosphere that is very magical -- add a few children and voila -- paintings!
Here is the first of my paintings of bubbles -- I had to buy a bubble machine to make it easier for my models when blowing the bubbles!  And painting bubbles is indeed a challenge and fun!  It was a little tricky to stay on the hammock while mastering the art of bubble blowing.  The painting is a study of a new series and this one will be showing at The Wright Gallery in Cape Porpoise, Maine -- and Charlie Wright, the owner is delighted to have it.
Here’s to a weekend filled with fun and laughter -- take some time and blow some bubbles with your children or grandchildren and have fun!  
"Bubbles" 8 x 10 Oil on Raymar Board


  1. I'm going to see Charlie on Monday. I'm certain we'll be talking about you...

  2. Très jolie peinture... reposante avec une généreuse explosion de couleurs et de lumière.

  3. Diane,
    So glad you found me. . . . it was a long way around. Susan, I believe, got your blog from my list and liked your work too. Go to your blog archives February 25, 2010 and you'll see my comment to you on February 27, 2010. The last time (a year ago) I was in the Weatherburn gallery here in naples, Roger said you weren't showing there any longer. That is where I first saw your paintings at least 6 years ago and have gone to your website many times.

  4. Diane.
    What a wonderful blog. And the art here is just super. Love it all.

  5. Fantastic artwork. I could immerse myself in your blog all morning. Very touching paintings.