Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Impressionist Magic

Every painting starts out on a blank canvas  -- and the masterpieces are the ones that are painted from your heart!
I think that this is true for everything we do in life -- the joy and magic comes when we let go and let our inner beings perform.   When Susan Boyle  sang the first stanza of her song on British Television, no one ever expected those incredible notes that came out of her -- she had all of those songs in her for so long -- she was just singing from her heart -- and that opened the door for her to shine -- big time! 
We all have that voice inside us that is yearning to sing - paint - dance -- create --- and when we find that part of us, that’s when our magic shines.

Here’s to all of the magic that is within us.
"Summer In New York"  40 x 40 Oil on Linen

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