Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finding Yourself In Your Art

Sometimes you have to go back and look at some of your earlier paintings to see what you were doing then and to see where you are growing.  When you hear Beyonce sing, you recognize her voice -- when people see you paintings, they should recognize you -- the you that has evolved into your own style.  It is great to learn from others, and then take all of the things that you have learned and create your own “style”.  
Certainly we all recognize a Vincent painting -- he developed his own style by simply painting -- every day.  
Learn from others -- go to the galleries and check out what is happening and take home what you love and find yourself in your art!
What is your favorite style of painting?
"Time With My Sister"  12 x 12 Oil on Canvas    

This painting was done about five years ago and you can still see my style!

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  1. For those who have been painting for over two years, you know what Diane is referring to here. We all evolve our own personal style so that when our work is hung in exhibit we can label which one of us did which painting without looking at the signature. Even with new comers to painting, we can see color choices, subject matter all beginning to come together in a new way! An instructor merely introduces materials and method, it is the artist who creates the style.
    Roving Reactor