Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Impressionist Panels

While searching on the internet for new painting panels,  I  found these incredible boards made by Raymar.    I was so excited to find out that they are  professionally manufactured here in Phoenix, and that they are located close to  my studio.

They have  sample packs available in sizes 8 x 6  in both the canvas and the linens which allow you to experiment with the different textures on the boards.  I purchased the samples and some extra double-primed linen boards so that I could see which ones I liked the best.  I also ordered several custom boards, which were ready in less than two days -- what great service!   I also bought the smooth canvas ones for the ten  students in my painting workshop in the 24 x 20 size.
Now, it was time to try out my new boards.  This painting is done on a 12 x 9  Cotton Medium texture canvas board.   I started my “block-in” with my paint thinned with Walnut Oil by Graham -- it delays the drying of the paint and is a natural product.   I am really working on keeping my studio as “green” as possible.   Yah right, I use cadmium paints -- every little thing we do to be “green” is a plus.   I usually time the block-in part of the painting to be no more than thirty minutes -- this way I am painting as quickly as possible without the fear of overworking the small canvases.
I put the music on and the paint just simply flows across the textured canvas board -- I am having fun!  The beauty of these boards is evident from the first stroke!  I am so excited!

I  let the underpainting dry  for a few days, and now  I am ready to finish the painting with impasto colors on top of the thin underpainting. -- I like to let as much of the underpainting show through to give the painting the dimensions of light and space -- the board proves to be a perfect balance to create this feeling.
As I build up the paint I add lots of grey colors to keep the painting in color harmony.  
As the painting dries, I keep looking at it to see where I want to add more touches -- I usually wait at least a week to put on the final touches -- and when I am finishing a painting, I paint from my memory and feel the painting,  and here it is --
I am excited to be using the Raymar boards and I am learning more of their usage as I am painting with them.   I really work my boards, so  they need to be strong enough to handle all of my different techniques, including:  scraping down with a palette knife, wiping out, sandpaper, paper towels -- you never  know what will happen when I am painting!    And, the important area that I am really seeking is letting the transparent underpainting show through which gives the painting more depth and luscious transparent shadows.  The boards provide the perfect medium to let my impressionistic techniques create their own magic.  The final touches are now placed on the painting !
“Spring’s Magic” 12 x 9, Oil on Raymar Board.  The painting is being shown at The Hearle Gallery in Chatham, Massachusetts!.  

This is the first of many incredible paintings that I will be doing on these magnificent boards.

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  1. This sounds very exciting! I am sharing this with all my painting students! We are looking forward to your new work on Raymar boards!