Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Prayers for the Miners of West Virginia

Life is precious -- and every day people put their lives on-the-line to serve us.  The families and community of Montcoal, West Virginia mourn the loss of the twenty-five miners who were lost in the explosion at the mine yesterday.   They all join together and support one another and give comfort to their neighbors.
And everyone is praying that they find the four missing miners alive, and rescue them.  The human spirit is indeed a strong spirit and we can all learn from these people who live the life of miners that provide our world with the coal we use every day. Can you imagine working in a mine every day?  Be grateful for your job that doesn’t put your life at risk.  I am so grateful to be an artist. 
God bless the miners and their families of West Virginia.  

Wishing them Peace!
"Low Tide"  40 x 30 Oil on Board

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