Thursday, April 29, 2010

Going Green

Are you “Green”????  With all that is going on today on this planet -- oil spills being the worst disaster for our oceans, 42,000 gallons per day spilling into our seas -- air pollution, mining disasters -- we have to make sure that our paints and solvents used in the studio are disposed of properly (each city has special days when they collect the solvents).   It is important to have   good ventilation or a door or window open to keep the air that you are breathing as clean as could be!
I just heard yesterday that Phoenix is the most polluted city -- yikes -- and I live here -- not happy with that!  However, my studio and I are as “green” as green could be -- I use Walnut Oil made by Graham for blocking in my paintings.  This oil is a natural product and I love how it makes my paints flow and I also know that I am using a “green” product.  For years I have been using a select-a-size paper towel to make sure that I am only using a small portion of the towel each time I reach for them.  Now I am using the Viva select-a-size paper towels that are also very soft -- my twin sister turned me on to this product! 
And I do put green paint on my canvases -- of course, mixed with other colors -- I love colors!  
We all need to contribute to keeping our planet healthy!  Please pray that they can figure out a way to save our ocean and the Gulf Coast from this oil spill!  And what about the fish and other sea creatures?

This is a small study entitled "Twilight" 8 x 10 Oil on Ampersand Board.

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