Monday, January 31, 2011

No Regrets

If I had the chance to live my life again, I would change a few things -- yes, I certainly would.  I suppose everyone would say that.  I mean who hasn’t done things that hurt us, or that just didn’t work out at the time -- Well, I know they are all learning lessons and yet, I could have skipped a few!!!  Besides, who wants to be too smart anyway???  Keeping the regrets to a bare minimum is the goal here!
I always plan a lot of paintings that I want to paint -- it’s a lifetime of paintings that I envision.  Then, I change my mind and do whatever comes up.  It do like to plan though, because then I feel sort of organized and I strive to be as “organized” as possible.  Structure is not an adjective that can be used to describe my life, and that is perfectly okay with me.  I am an “Artist” -- one who is destined to create and therefore not entirely responsible for structure.
My aim is to paint powerful paintings this year -- paintings that have feeling, merit, a story and that bring out the feelings of joy and laughter to remind us of the importance of life and our relationships.  I want to capture the precious memories of life that give us inner peace and love.
"Finding Shells"
9 x 12 Oil on Board


  1. Toute cette énergie positive qui bouillonne en vous pour nous montrer le meilleur de ce qu'on a envie de voir et de sentir me paraît être un bel objectif... Laissez aller votre ressenti...

  2. I'm a day late with the color red. I posted a link to you today. Come read my frustrations as I attempted to paint a sweet innocent red skirted girl... I don't know how you do it. Mine wanted to be very promiscuous!

    Your aim is admirable. You have such a kind heart and soul. I love the playfulness that emerges on your canvases.

  3. Diane, I was happy to view your lovely paintings at The Weatherburn Gallery in Naples last Friday evening, 1/28/2011. . . . Nora