Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Perfectionism -- what is it exactly??  And, who is to judge what is “Perfect” anyway?  I am an avid fan of Neale Donald Walsch, and I read his daily newsletter that always seems to hit home with me -- His words of wisdom are exactly what I need to hear that very day.
Yesterday he wrote:  “What I have judged full of flaws, so many others have called terrific!  Maybe the definition of Perfection is something that actually gets done.”
I wonder how many times I have wiped out a painting, or give up on it thinking that it was not Perfect!  It would be wonderful to have someone come into the studio and take the paintings away before they are overworked or “judged” as not good enough!
As I ponder Neal’s words from yesterday, I am reminded that each day is a blessing and being able to create is what we are all about.  Soooooo -- I am putting my “judge” on the shelf and letting my creative soul -- CREATE!
And, it is Perfect just the way it is!

16 x 12 Oil on Board


  1. Rien n'est acquis, rien est parfait... Bises

  2. Interesting to read this after I became so frustrated yesterday, toiling all day on a canvas! I felt I was having an emotional breakdown...

    Today is another day. My painting sitting on the easel is far from perfect.