Monday, February 7, 2011

Painting From Life

Okay, it’s Monday, the start of a new week.  How exciting that is!  I just finished a two-day workshop at Arizona Art Supply here in Phoenix and it was so much fun and a great learning experience for all of us -- especially me.  There is nothing finer than painting from Life -- there is no equal to having a model right in front of you!  You can see all of the colors of the skin, the curves of the face and the way that the light hits the dress and the flowers.  And, it is right in front of you in three dimension and that is what you are painting.
I have made an agreement with myself that I will be painting from life at least once a week and drawing from life at least once a week -- the easiest way to do this is to paint a stiff life.  And. so having a model is so special because it takes a very special person to sit still for four hours (with little breaks) to pose.  It is an honor, and I am so grateful to my model, Lori, for posing for us.
Yes, painting a model is indeed challenging, and yet, that is how you grow and learn -- and that dates back to the Rembrandt days -- way before photos were even a thought.  Even the Impressionists used live models in their studios or should I say ateliers!
I will be writing about this workshop and the beautiful lessons that I learned on my web site and here on my blog -- I know that I learned so much this weekend and I am very grateful for all of these lessons.  Plus, painting on other people’s canvases is so much Fun -- it’s a freedom that perhaps we do not allow ourselves on our own canvases.
So, today on Monday, I am painting in my studio with a new found spirit of energy that puts a huge SMILE on my face.  
Students Painting Model

Putting Finishing Touches on the Model

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  1. Je m'aperçois que vous avez passé un excellent moment... Bises