Wednesday, January 5, 2011


A great way to get the New Year started is to sketch or draw every day!  Drawing is the basics for all Art -- sculptors, painters, architects, engineers, web designers and even glass blowers start with the basics -- drawing.  They are thoughts in our heads and when we put them down on paper, they bring the idea to life.
You can draw your feet, your hands and anything else you have in front of you -- sometimes, I pause the television and sketch what is on the screen -- I do one minutes sketches and five minute sketches!  I use pens, pencils, markers and even crayons.  I love the smell of crayons!!!  When I smell my crayons, the child in me comes out to play.  I use that freedom to color inside and  outside the lines!!!
Sketching is a way of practicing for painting ideas and a way of honing your skills for painting and sculpting.  I keep a sketchbook beside me all of the time to put down new ideas that come to me throughout the day.

It brings the magic of FUN back into your Art!

I did this sketch because I wanted to remember the outfit and the idea - the outfit is for me -- the idea is for a potential painting.  This sketch took 2 minutes!


  1. A good reminder to sketch. It's something I rarely do. Odd, because when I do, I enjoy it. It's very relaxing. Maybe it's time to start leaving a sketchbook on my coffee table... I like pausing the TV idea!