Monday, January 3, 2011

The Power

Happy New Year 2011!  This is going to be an Amazing Year for all of us!
“You are meant to have an amazing life....” that is how the book, “The Power” by Rhonda Byrne starts.  And it is true.  How beautiful these words are -- and believing in that premise is truly believing in the magic of life.
And, believing in Your POWER brings you all of the blessings of Life.
In the movie, “The Long Kiss Goodnight”, Geena Davis remembers her Power after eight years.  She went from frumpy to Hot!  She realizes that she is a very powerful assassin and can do almost anything -- and the minute she realized this, she became that Woman and all of those skills that had been latent in her for eight years, they just returned -- instantly.
And the training that a U.S. assassin has gone through has to be a long one, and the discipline one needs to stay that way is something not too many people aspire to do.
As artists, we can feel that Power (perhaps a little “toned” down a bit) (or not?) to paint - to really focus on within and let that creative artist out to have Fun and to use all of our skills to create our Masterpieces.
Wow!  What a great concept!   Take a few minutes today and focus on within and find your POWER and let that energy paint!
Today is a new beginning and a great day to remember Your Power!
"Setting The Table" 
7 x 5 O/B "Coffee Table Series"

This is one of those magical little paintings that seemed to paint itself -- I was in the "moment" and using my Power to paint -- and I just painted from my heart!



  1. Laisser aller son coeur et son émotion couvrir la toile... chut... tout est possible.

  2. Power. You're right Diane, we all have it. Self confidence can take us a long way! Believing in yourself. It's a nice thought to begin the new year on. Thanks. Lovely painting.