Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Betty White

Betty White -- who doesn’t love her??????  And, at 89, this is a woman who is still bringing laughter and love to our world.  You can see the joy on her face and she is rocking and rolling and having a great time!
She is having more fun in her life and she is one of the hottest celebrities out there.  People are drawn to her laughter and her great sense of humor.  She has spent most of her life in front of cameras acting and being “silly” and it has made her a STAR!

And isn't it grand that age is just that -- a number!
As artists, it is our “job” to emote feelings in our paintings -- in order to bring joy and happiness, and perhaps even laughter to our work, we must be in that frame of mind when we paint! That is when the basics and the techniques that we have learned are solid and we just Let Go and Paint from our hearts!
Your Art is your expression in this world -- so what is your Art saying? 
"Sunny Days"
11 x 14 Oil on Board

This painting is from my newest series of beach paintings from Laguna Beach.  As the sun starts to set, the light gets warmer and it sparkles across the water!  I love that!

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