Thursday, December 16, 2010

Magical Arms

I watched a movie special on people who were born without arms -- without arms?  can you even think of yourself without arms?  How would you survive -- let alone paint? Brush your teeth???? And other things we do that we take for granted?
The movie is incredible -- each one of these inspiring people find a way to deal with their lives and discover their own talents -- one of them plays the drums, a young woman flies an airplane -- they are doing amazing things with their lives -- 
And, each one of them has found JOY!
Sooooooooo -- when you start to question YOU -- and what you are doing and thinking of what is missing --stop and remember --  you do have your arms.
And let’s see what incredible magic we can create with them!
Here is a magical painting that I did with my arms -- when I look at this painting, I smile -- and then I think -- why don’t I paint like this all of the time????
Smile and the world smiles back.

                                                          "Spring's Magic"  12 x 9  Oil on Board

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