Friday, December 3, 2010


President Obama is in Afghanistan today -- he is visiting a hospital and seeing the wounded  soldiers and giving out medals!  During his speech to the troups he spoke of several soldiers who have “won” the Medal of Honor -- you have to die for that honor!  He spoke about how they saved the lives of their fellow soldiers and their bravery -- Wow -- while we are here, they are over there fighting for their lives and our freedom!
Our heros -- every military person who defends this county is a Hero!  Each has their own story and they have loved ones here at home -- each one has made many sacrifices! 
We all have our own stories to tell -- is your’s filled with love and hope and inspiration?  I hope so.  
Here’s to Freedom and Peace in our World!
"Daddy's Home"
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  1. Très émouvant et persuasif de vous lire et d'admirer votre toile en hommage à ces hommes remplis de bravoure.