Friday, December 17, 2010

Finding Your Joy!

Sometimes our creative energies take a break -- so to speak -- when I mean is - it feels as if they have left!  Gone!  Disappeared!  And that is when the Joy, the Fun and the Passion for painting quits too.
It becomes a chore -- instead of the magic and the Fun -- I mean, isn’t this why we paint, sculpt, sing, dance -- to have fun and be creative and to like what we are doing?  
How can you paint that feeling of joy when it just isn’t there?
And, that’s when the universe steps in to guide us to help us find our Inner Joy again!
Long story shortened -- here ------I lost my joy and couldn’t seem to find it -- I crawled into the Chakra Store (herb shop) here in Phoenix and the woman introduced me to these special organic Flower Elixirs made here in Phoenix by Katie Hess -- I have used flower elixirs before -- yet never like these .... they are amazing!  Flower essences heal us naturally by healing our souls -- and that is the pureness of the flowers.  I walked out of the store with their hand-made tea called Inspired  and the “Joy” flower elixir -- which I opened right away and put the drops on my tongue.
And - guess what happened -- the Joy I was seeking found me again -- and I walked into my studio and painted.
I went back to the store the next day and bought two more of her amazing elixirs, and will tell you more about them in an another blog.  She hand picks all of the flowers that she uses and she instinctively knows which ones are the best. 
You can order on-line and find out more about Katie’s products by going to
I am so grateful to have my JOY back again!

I painted this painting a while ago, yet I still smile when I look at it.
"Joy"  30 x 30 Oil on Board


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  1. Magic! Glad you found your joy again. Do you suppose it's been there all along and you just needed to feel like you put it back? Or maybe they really are magic drops...

    Either way, happy painting!