Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Determination is what drives us -- the desire to create our dreams and have our dreams reach the world!  What a concept!
I watched the movie “Karate Kid” -- okay a redo -- again -- the story is great, and the acting by Jaden Smith is simply fantastic.  The hours of practice and work that this little boy (albiet the son of a great movie start) put into making this movie and learning the kung fu moves is amazing -- and his determination to “win” a competition is what drives this movie.  And, of course, Jackie Chan, makes it look so easy!!!!  It takes years to master kung fun -- how many years does it take to master painting -- a lifetime!!!!
And how many times do we reach a point in our creativity where we hit that “wall” and stop having fun and quit?  Is that an option?  The question we should then ask ourselves is -- “What am I saying with this painting? What is the purpose of this painting?  And, the most important question to ask is “Am I having FUN?????”
When you know the answer, you will know how to finish the painting.  And, sometimes, it is time to ask for help -- from another artist, a book, a friend -- it can be that you are growing and learning and your determination to get the painting the way that you want it -- it’s right there inside of you -- 
Here’s to determination and passion to create the best Art that we can! 

This is a painting I did over a year or so ago -- yet it still excites me -- and then I think -- how did I do that?  It looks like I was having Fun!
"A Glass of Cabernet"
7 x 5 Oil on Board



  1. Yes it sure does look like you were having fun! Sitting in the sun sipping wine... I love the colors you used. It has so much light!