Friday, December 10, 2010

Fantastic Friday

It’s Fantastic Friday where life smiles at us and wishes us joy!
Today is a great day to paint for yourself -- with no thoughts of sales or pleasing others -- just painting to paint!  
When Beethoven went deaf, he could still hear his music in his soul -- and he wrote those amazing symphonies that we still listen to.... all of these years later!  Imagine that -- the world still listens to his music -- symphonies play his music -- aspiring musicians learn to play his music -- and his symphonies are beautiful and captivating. They resonate in our souls.
And, that is what I wish for us today-- creating art that resonates in our souls.
Have a Fantastic Friday!
"Summer Sails"
24 x 24 Oil on Canvas
This painting Sold yesterday at
The Wright Gallery, Cape Porpoise, Maine


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