Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Time

There are memories of our childhood that stay with us forever when we think of Christmas and it’s magic.   I think that the fantasies of Christmas should live in our hearts all year long -- the joy, the gifts, the family parties, and the giving -- whether it’s gifts or just time being together -- it’s Christmas -- again.
My childhood Christmases were always filled with wonder and the sparkle of the season -- including the snow.  I love the candles in the window and the Christmas lights and the smells of the Christmas tree that fills the house with joy!
This painting is a reminder of days from our childhood when snow was fun to play in and we didn’t truly feel the cold!
This painting is available in a fine art giclee from the Wright Gallery in Cape Porpoise, Maine.

"Christmas Time"
20 x 16 Oil on Board



  1. Beau souvenir... Le repaire pour un enfant est celui de noël...

  2. Love this Diane, hope you have a great Christmas!! If your video is ready, email me!!